Starting a new business and need a website?
Is your current website in need of a facelift?
Are you a freelancer building their portfolio?
Are you a charity in need of a web presence?

You need a Nice Modern Website.

At Nice Modern Websites, we help you get your small business, charity, or freelancing portfolio online at an affordable rate.

Whether you’re looking for a fun and light tone, a professional and clean design, or both (it’s possible!), then Nice Modern Websites can help give you an online presence befitting your personal or business style.

Get into the game with a new home from Nice Modern Websites today!

Nice Modern Websites are perfect for:

Small Businesses

If you need a website for your offline business, we can design, host, and update your site with our competitive pricing.


Impress your future clients with a spiffy resume site, or a portfolio of your writing, art, or whatever you create!


Running a short-term project, such as a promotional campaign or a candidacy for office? Nice Modern Websites is here.


Want to sell directly to customers online? We can design, host, and keep your e-commerce site humming!

Charitable Causes

Are you a charitable organization within Nova Scotia, Canada? We can help with your online presence and fundraising.


Do you have something to say? Say it in style! We can have a blog designed and hosted for you which fits your unique style.

The Reviews are In!

"Working with James has been nothing but a fantastic experience. Not only is he technically savvy and creative, he is always looking for ways to make things run more smoothly & efficiently. I can tell that he genuinely cares about the work he does and I highly recommend his services!"
"Taking a two-decade long CV and condensing it down into a readable and engaging website wasn’t something I thought possible, but James has managed to do that with such ease and skill I can only let his work speak for itself. Why settle for just a website when you can have a Nice Modern Website? I recommend wholeheartedly!"